Maite, Barcelona, Spain

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I have been doing classes with Christine via Skype since 2011. She used to give me face-to-face classes, but because of my timetable, we decided to change to Skype. And it’s fantastic! It’s a real flexible learning, since we can communicate with each other even we are in different countries! And, actually, Skype classes are face-to- face classes, too. You can interact with your teacher in the  same way – in my case, I’m basically interested in improving my spoken skill, and I can practice it just as she was besides me. The Skype instant message function, as well as the sharing screen facility, helps greatly to clarify the spelling. And the fact that you can send instantly documents to each other makes the class much more dynamic. I strongly recommend learning via Skype, and of course, I strongly recommend you doing it with Christine.

14 September, 2016