Jordi Castels, Customer Service Chief, ACC10 (Catalan Government Agency for SME development), currently Deputy Director at Tecnologika.

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Christine has been my English teacher for 2 years. I first contacted her for a one-to-one business language oriented class. My needs were vocabulary improvement, fluency and pronunciation.   Our classes were, initially, in-class and Christine has always shown a deep knowledge of language and, what’s more important, a witty sense to teach and convey meanings. There’s no doubt she spent time to prepare her classes. She’s always been flexible to adapt classes and contents to my requirements, which also changed from time to time.

Since my job did, sometimes, not allow regular assistance, we decided to try the online alternative. We started using Google Talk as a platform to communicate and I discovered I could practice my pronunciation and my oral English in the same way and with the same results as if we were in the same room.

When I made a mistake or I had problems with the spelling of a word, she texted it to me through the instant messenger. The platform also performed well as far as sharing documents is concerned. We sent documents to each other via email during the lesson (images, MS PPts, MS Word).  In fact, when we started the online classes and got used to it we didn’t resumed the in-company classes.

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend Christine and the online teaching system for anyone interested in improving his/her level of English with the flexibility that such a platform brings. I’m considering the possibility to resume my classes in a couple of months time.

14 September, 2016