Helena, Barcelona, Spain

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Last summer, in July, I had the opportunity to benefit of one to one English classes. My idea was to attend an intensive course in order to know my level and as a point of departure to prepare eventually an official exam during the year.

Christine was perfect because since the first day she asked me why I expected from the classes and she adapted her explanations at my level, respecting my interests and demands. Her experience as an English teacher and her good knowledge of English language and vocabulary was a great help for me.

I appreciated that she used translation just as a last resource and she had the patience to wait that I resolved doubts and difficulties for myself.

The one hour and half that we spent in our daily courses past very quickly because Christine knew how to do in order the class was varied with oral and exercises, dialogs, listenings.

Although the courses were after a very intensive morning work hours, It didn’t matter for me and every evening I wanted to attend courses.

14 September, 2016